About Us

Legacy Life Training & Healing, Inc. (LLTHI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established to teach, train, equip and empower individuals to overcome deep-rooted hurt, emotional wounds, discouragement, and other obstacles of life; and through the power of God’s love, to activate, motivate and inspire them to reach their full potential.

We are passionate about seeing the lives of people changed from a place of brokenness, stagnation, confusion, and discouragement, and are committed to developing and implementing solutions to that end.

Legacy Life was birthed through prayer and prayer ministry training while receiving insight, understanding, and healing. Through this training, the call of God was sensed to make the training available to others.

As a result, to begin this undertaking, the Elijah House Inner Healing Prayer Ministry School, Training Course 201 is up and running. This is the first component of the vision of LLTHI, making healing, hope, restoration, and wholeness available to individuals, families, churches, communities, and ultimately, future generations.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to implement solutions - programs and training that will provide opportunities for healing, restoration & reconciliation in individuals and families.

Our Vision:
• To provide training and opportunity for inner healing, hope, and  wholeness;
• To promote restoration of family structure;
• To promote family values and unity within the family;
• To strengthen individuals, families, church, and communities;
• To provide life-skills and parenting training;
• To teach and instill self-worth, self-respect, empathy for others, responsibility, and accountability in the lives of individuals;
• To provide a means for stable economic structure in the lives of individuals;
• To provide transitional shelter.

Our Purpose: Our purpose is to teach, train, equip, inspire, guide, motivate, activate, and empower individuals to overcome deep-rooted hurts, emotional wounds, and other adverse circumstances of life that have kept them from successfully moving forward.